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why toy care is important

Toy Care and Why It’s Important

I am a researcher at heart. Give me a topic and I will Google the shit out of it! Give me a topic that involves sex, sex toys and vaginas and you have pretty much dropped me into vixen heaven! When I am doing my…

higher-priced sex toys

Are Higher-priced Sex Toys Really Worth It?

From the limestone dildo of the ancient Egyptians to steam-powered vibrators of the Victorian era, cheap plastics and rubbers of the 1950’s and into the computer age; the evolution of the sex toy paints a picture of our technological development. But technology of any era…


Sexting: Not Just For Horny Teenagers

Sexting: verb; a portmanteau of sex and texting; the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between cell phones. It all started years ago when the first long-distance couple decided that that newfangled communication device on the wall would be the perfect…

sex toys every woman should have

5 Toys Every Woman Should Have

As much as we all like to claim that we do not masturbate, we do. Or we should anyways. There is something to be said about being able to rev your own engine. You need to be able to satisfy yourself without a man present,…

signs he is bad in bed

5 Signs He Sucks At The Sex

First off, let me begin by saying this is not a man bashing article…very much the opposite. It is to recognize the amazing lovers out there who go above and beyond to ensure their partner experiences toe-curling pleasure when they are making the sexy dance….

women mistakes in bed

3 Mistakes Women Make in the Bedroom!

Women believe, they know everything about everything. After all, we are the more savvy sex. We seem to know that his missing glasses are in the top drawer in the kitchen beside the yellow pencil. In the same breath, we miss these huge signals from…

how to use a vibrator

How to Use a Vibrator

What’s so hard about using a vibrator? Nothing, except, if you’re lucky, some body parts. But I’ve found some ways to play that can make for a very memorable pilgrimage to Pleasantville. As with any purchase, be sure you got all the parts you paid…

history of sex toys

A Little History Of Sex Toys

I’ll never look at olive oil the same way again. Used to be, it was what it was … a healthful, diverse product squeezed from the delicious olive to enhance our food and keep our garlic from sticking to the pan. Diverse indeed. In researching…

reasons why you should have an orgasm

Ten Reasons Why You Should Have An Orgasm

So good. So powerful. The intensity of an orgasm can be so acute that right in midstream we might for a fleeting moment wonder if our body will be able to take it. “Will my head pop off? Will my heart explode? I’m willing to…