• pulsates
  • rechargeable
  • lock mode
  • great for g-spot stimulation


  • no clitoral stimulation

I had been waiting for this one to arrive in the mail for a couple weeks. The folks at Fun Factory had done it again!! They added another member to their family of pulsators and I got to try it out.
If you have never tried a pulsator, you must. So much better than a vibrator, so much more than a toy… a true sex machine. Just watch her in action!

Now, I love my Stronic Zwei. She has spoiled me for all other toys so I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the Stronic Drei but for a good review and science, I let my Zwei rest and put the Drei to the test.

I was a little scared when I took her out of the box and my first thought was “Damn. That gives ‘ribbed for her pleasure‘ a whole new meaning” but the more I held her in my hand, felt her heft, the more excited I became.

stronic drei box

Since I was already scantily dressed, I figured there was no time like the present to give the Stronic Drei a good workout. I brought her to my bedroom so that we could get to know each other a little better.
Because of the size and the ribbing, I decided to use a little lube to make sliding her in a little easier. The Stronic Drei is made of medical grade silicone and does feel very smooth going in and let’s just say, she fills a girl good.

Once she was in place, I turned her on. There are 10 different rhythmic simulation settings. I like to start with one that ‘teases‘ first, slowly pulsates and then gets hard and hard and backs off, then move to full on hard pulsating as I get closer and closer. That, in my opinion, is one of the best features of this sex machine.

Perfect For G-Spot Stimulation

The curve of the Drei is perfect for G-spot stimulation. She gets right to the good spot and pulsates on it. But her ribbing, that takes things to a whole new level. Unlike the Stronic Zwei, the Drei does not work the best as a hands-free toy. She can be used as one but I thought she felt best when slid in and out, you know taking a more active role.

Even More Fun With a Partner

I enjoyed the Drei by myself but I enjoyed her even more when my husband used her on me. With him, I was on my hands and knees and he used her on me from behind. For me, this is the best way to stimulate my G-spot and give me the full body vaginal orgasm that I crave.

With the Drei on a medium intense pulse, he worked her in and out of my hungry vagina, letting me feel every glorious rib and sending me to the moon and back with a fabulous orgasm.

Ladies, you need to try the Stronic Drei. You need to. Get your UPS man to deliver you one but maybe answer the door wearing more clothes than I did, unless of course you are into role play and want to star in your own porno.

Hey, that gives me an idea… wonder where I can get my husband a UPS uniform?!


Power Source: Rechargeable (no batteries)
Performance: Pulsates. Unique ‘naturalistic’ thrusting motions
Controls: Easy to use 3 button operation. Press “FUN” to play, use +/- buttons to control the intensity
Special Features: Lock mode for travel. Can be used ‘hands-free’. Waterproof. Fully submersible. Hellloo hot tub!
Vibrations Levels: 10 rhythmic stimulation settings

Ins: Knows where your G-Spot is!!
Outs: No clitoral stimulation


Material: 100% medical grade silicone
Texture: Velvety smooth silicone with ribbed shaft
Safety Features: Latex and phthalates free
Colors: Blackberry. Petrol.
Manufacturer: Fun Factory. Made in Germany.


Length: 9.4”
Insertable Length: 7.3”
Weight: 0.85 lbs.
Cost: $199.99
Warranty: 2-year full warranty

Overall Rating

Noise Level: Whisper quiet
Performance Satisfaction: Extremely satisfying! Take a trip to O-Town!
Value for the Price: Totally worth the cost!
Intensity Level: 5 out 5
Overall Rating: Love, love, love this toy! I would definitely buy it!