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best sex positions for people with disabilities
Sex Positions

Best Sex Positions for People With Disabilities

The sex-positivity movement is one based on inclusivity. That means that sex should be enjoyed by all colors, genders, and physical abilities, period. However, media and porn outlets often sell this fantasy that only able-bodied, fit people are out there enjoying sex. Well, we hate…

Sex Positions

Best Sex Positions To Hit The G Spot

Ahhh, the G-spot. The holy grail of female orgasms. It’s a dreamy little place that can drive a woman mad with pleasure when stimulated just right. But, that illustrious sweet spot isn’t always easy to find. Especially during penetrative sex. A man’s penis is just…

how to prepare for anal sex
Better Sex, Tips and Advice

How To Prepare For Anal Sex

It’s modern age, so let’s get used to the idea that people of all genders and orientations are enjoying the wonders of butt play. Here is a helpful guide to acquaint you with this heavenly erogenous zone, and how to prepare for anal sex for…