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Better Sex

Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?

If you have ever had sex, one thing you might agree with us is that the urge to fall right into sleep after ejaculation is inevitable. Most men fall asleep immediately after ejaculating. For first-timers, it might come off as odd, especially if the other…

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Nipple Orgasm. Is It Real?

No one can discredit the power of an orgasm. If you have had an orgasm (obviously, you have had one), you can agree with us that there is no feeling that comes close. The biggest problem, though, is people tend to think that the orgasm…

Better Sex, Tips and Advice

How to Make Yourself Squirt

Squirting is magical! There is no sexual feeling that can surpass that of squirting. Squirting is a sign of climax to sexual pleasure, and those that have walked down that path can testify that there are no words that are good enough to describe the…