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How to Clean a Vibrator?

Having a vibrator brings a whole new dimension of pleasure to your sexual life and the rest of your life. It brings a fresh breeze of positivity and convenience. We can’t even quantify using words to show how exciting the vibrator experience is – you…

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Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?

If you have ever had sex, one thing you might agree with us is that the urge to fall right into sleep after ejaculation is inevitable. Most men fall asleep immediately after ejaculating. For first-timers, it might come off as odd, especially if the other…

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Why Should You Pee After Sex?

Sex is amazing! That is one thing that we can all agree on. What happens during sex might differ from one couple or group to the next. We can tell you what to do during sex and give you the best sex advice out there….

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Male Masturbation Techniques

Jerking off is easily replacing sex as the go-to act for sexual pleasure. There are dozens of reasons why this is happening, the main one having to be convenience. If you just feel like you want some sexual pleasure, then you can just jerk off….

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How to Use a Wand Vibrator

If you have been watching a bit of adult content, we can guarantee that you have come across a wand vibrator. The wand vibrator has been in the game for decades, and the product has seen multiple improvements over the years. If there was ever…