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astroglide liquid lubricant review
Sex Toys Reviews

Astroglide Liquid Lubricant Review

You decide to go for a walk in the rain but don’t intend to bring an umbrella. Make sense? No? So why would you embark upon a sensual session with your favorite toy without the accompaniment to amp it up to optimal? I know you…

id glide review
Sex Toys Reviews

ID Glide Lubricant Review

Ten minutes in to what was supposed to be a quick stop online before I dash off to the gym, and I’m still scrolling back and forth in front of search results for lubricant, riddled with indecision. Since when are there nearly as many brands…

luxotiq athena dildo
Sex Toys Reviews

Luxotiq Pink Athena Review

“I firmly believe that there are dildo people and there are vibrator people,” I said to my lesbian friends as we sat down to dinner. I had enlisted their opinions, considering that they use artificial devices more than I do, and on a more regular…

fun factory curve review
Sex Toys Reviews

Fun Factory Curve Sex Toy Review

The curves of a woman … so revered … the hourglass figure a classic form of flypaper for the male libido. I have news for you. There’s a new curve in town. This one as intoxicatingly sensual as the soft, smooth slopes of a lady….

don wands blue swirl review
Sex Toys Reviews

Don Wands Blue Swirl Review

Ever been for a ride on a rocket, man? Don Wand’s Rocket Swirl free-standing glass dildo is erect proof that Pyrex isn’t just for the kitchen anymore. My ride arrived in a nondescript clear plastic package that gave me a titillating peek into my latest…

lelo mona review
Sex Toys Reviews

LELO MONA Review – It’s Spectacular

So, it’s confession time. The time when I’m honest with all of you about how I’m a big ungrateful snobby-snob and how I’ve learned my lesson. Yes, this is the type of sex toy review that ends with a lesson. Ready? Okay. Some time ago,…