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nipple orgasm is it real
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Nipple Orgasm. Is It Real?

No one can discredit the power of an orgasm. If you have had an orgasm (obviously, you have had one), you can agree with us that there is no feeling that comes close. The biggest problem, though, is people tend to think that the orgasm…

how to make yourself squirt
Better Sex, Tips and Advice

How to Make Yourself Squirt

Squirting is magical! There is no sexual feeling that can surpass that of squirting. Squirting is a sign of climax to sexual pleasure, and those that have walked down that path can testify that there are no words that are good enough to describe the…

how to simulate a threesome
Better Sex, Tips and Advice

How to Simulate a Threesome

Having a threesome is a fetish that nearly everyone has. There is an excitement that comes with sharing sexual pleasure with not only one but two people. Most people would testify that having an extra set of balls or an extra vagina during sex can…

why people like bdsm
Better Sex, Kink

Why People Like BDSM?

BDSM has become one of the most popular sexual practices in bedrooms all over the world, thanks mainly to Fifty Shades of Grey and its sequels. If you are not well versed in BDSM yet, well, you need to investigate it, and we can guarantee…