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what is a butt-plug
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What’s a Butt Plug & How to Use It?

What is a butt plug? The short answer is simply a sex toy that works for absolutely everyone, an explosion of pleasure regardless of orientation or gender. Sounds like just a figment of imagination, right? Well, despite not being popular like our beloved dildos and…

best clit sucking vibrators

The Best Clit Sucking Vibrators in 2021

If vibrations are so great, why don’t women spend hours sitting on the washing machine to get off? It’s obviously because there’s no variation. It’s boring! In this post, you’ll learn about the best clit sucking vibrators that offer you even more variation than normal…

best condoms for gay sex
Better Sex

The Best Condoms for Gay Sex in 2021

There’s a love-hate relationship with condoms around the world, but to be frank, there’s really nothing not to love. Condoms help keep you safe in the bedroom, prevent STDs as well as unwanted pregnancies. Especially when it comes to having sex with a new partner,…

best warming lubes
Better Sex

The Best Warming and Stimulating Lubes in 2021

Lube is a great way of making sex more pleasurable to both you and your partner, but it can get a little boring sometimes. Lubes with warming and stimulating effects can help add some much-needed variation in the bedroom. Luckily for you, ToyWithMe has you…

best double-ended dildo

Best Double-Ended Dildos in 2021

Not everyone is going to feel fulfilled after a short session with a small one-sided dildo. Sometimes you just want a little more, whether it’s the opportunity to share the experience with a partner or to feel like you’re sharing it with two! In this…