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how to use dildos
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How to Use Dildos

Remember a time when penetrative sex solely required one partner to have a penis? That was a very long time ago, and most people don’t even remember such a time. The sex scene has transformed for the better, and dildos have been at the forefront…

mutual masturbation
Tips and Advice

Mutual Masturbation Guide

Having a partner means you get to share emotional support, sometimes financial burdens, but most importantly, sexual pleasure. Having an orgasm is breathtaking on its own. It opens up areas of your brain you never felt in your entire consciousness. We agree that an orgasm…

how to clean vibrator
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How to Clean a Vibrator?

Having a vibrator brings a whole new dimension of pleasure to your sexual life and the rest of your life. It brings a fresh breeze of positivity and convenience. We can’t even quantify using words to show how exciting the vibrator experience is – you…

how to use a wand vibrator
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How to Use a Wand Vibrator

If you have been watching a bit of adult content, we can guarantee that you have come across a wand vibrator. The wand vibrator has been in the game for decades, and the product has seen multiple improvements over the years. If there was ever…

how to use double ended dildo
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How To Use Double Ended Dildo

By the way, a dildo gives pleasure. The only better thing on the planet is a dildo that can pleasure both ends. Double-ended dildos do just that. The invention of double-ended dildos was met with, let’s just say, mixed feelings. Some people were questioning the…

glass dildo safety

Glass Dildo Safety: What You Need to Know

Glass dildos are the ultimate pleasure tools. There are a dozen movies that have brought up this fact, and if you have used one before, you can agree that the pleasure that comes with glass dildos is beyond comprehension. One thing you have to understand…

best tongue vibrators

Best Tongue Vibrators

A little tongue goes a long way, and this holds true for toys as well as people. Since normal vibes can get a little boring after a while, we thought it was time to switch things up with a post on the best tongue vibrators….

sex toys materials

Definitive Guide to Sex Toys Materials

Sex toys have managed to push the spectrum of sexual pleasure over the years. Every time you see a dildo or a vibrator, orgasm must be the first thing that comes to mind. One thing you might have never thought about, though, is the material…

how to use ben wa balls

What are Ben Wa Balls and How to Use Them

Ben Wa Balls are the holy grail of sexual pleasure. If you do not believe us, then knowing their other name might change your mind. Ben Wa Balls are also called orgasm balls. That should be enough to give you an idea of how essential…