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best large condoms
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The Best Large Condoms in 2022

Although we’d all like to say we need extra-large condoms for our disproportionately sized wangs, this isn’t the case for most. We’ve all had that childhood friend who slipped a large condom over their head just below the nose and proceeded to inflate it in…

best snugger fit condoms
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Best Condoms for Smaller Penises in 2022

Size isn’t everything and the right motion of the ocean can get you far in the bedroom. However, if you are a little on the small size, it can be more challenging to find the right size condom than to pleasure your partner. Good things…

best condoms for lasting longer
Better Sex

Best Condoms for Lasting Longer in 2022

Although us men all consider ourselves pleasure machines that will make a woman orgasm just by looking at her, in reality, we usually perform quite poorly when it comes to the fun beneath the sheets. With the stamina of a life-long smoker in the bedroom,…

best delay sprays
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Best Delay Sprays and Creams in 2022

Sometimes, a little extra umph in the bedroom is just what a relationship needs. It’s no secret that men orgasm a lot quicker than women do, so why not get something that will help level the playing field? This post is all about the best…

best dildo for pegging

Best Dildos for Pegging in 2022

With social media and instant messaging turning our attention spans into mush, causing wide-spread shiny object syndrome and turning us all into dopamine fiends, there’s never been a better time to own a sex toy blog. We’ve got more shiny objects and dopamine-stimulating gadgets and…

best thin condoms
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Best Thin Condoms in 2022

Let’s be honest, people and condoms have a love-hate relationship. We’re all glad they exist – long live birth control and all that – but it’s always a bummer when you stick it in and it feels like you’re sticking your little friend in a…