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best blowjob machines

Best Blowjob Machines in 2022

Blowjobs are always a welcomed surprise. But what if you could get one every day without any extra effort from your part? Even though you’re not technically getting a blowjob, the toys on this list of the best blowjob machines have surely done their best…

lovense max 2
Sex Toys Reviews, Toys

Lovense Max 2 Review

To start with, I want to say that initially, after a few days of testing, I was a bit disappointed with the toy and planned on giving it 6-7 out of 10. What a fool I was. Now I can claim that it’s at least…

bathmate hydrovibe review
Sex Toys Reviews, Toys

Bathmate HydroVibe Review

If you follow our blog, you may already know that I’m a huge Bathmate fun. If not, check my Bathmate review. I’ve been pumping for about 18 months now and while Bathmate sessions are relatively short (15 minutes), it still gets boring sometimes. That’s why…

best cock cages

Best Chastity Cages in 2022

When you’re looking for BDSM toys, then nothing beats a chastity cage. It cranks up the suspension and skyrockets stimulation. This article will help you to find the best chastity cage for your needs. In this post we go into detail about what things you…

best male sex toys

The Best Sex Toys for Men in 2022

Ever wondered what are the best sex toys for men? If you’re like most, you probably have. As a matter of fact, if you’re reading this article, we’re sure you have! In this blog post, we dive deeper into what you should look out for…

best dildos for men

The Best Dildos for Men in 2022

If you’re looking for a list of the best dildos for men, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we go into the different things you should take into account when buying a men’s dildo. Also, we’ve created an all-inclusive list of…

best male vibrators

The Best Male Vibrators in 2022

We’ve covered the best dildos, pocket pussies and male masturbators, but this time we take a look at the best male vibrators! If you’re struggling to find the right male vibrator for you, then this article is going to help you out. To start with,…