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How to Use a Wand Vibrator

If you have been watching a bit of adult content, we can guarantee that you have come across a wand vibrator. The wand vibrator has been in the game for decades, and the product has seen multiple improvements over the years. If there was ever…

Tips and Advice, Toys

How To Use Double Ended Dildo

By the way, a dildo gives pleasure. The only better thing on the planet is a dildo that can pleasure both ends. Double-ended dildos do just that. The invention of double-ended dildos was met with, let’s just say, mixed feelings. Some people were questioning the…

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The Sexiest Movie Scenes of All Time

Despite the craptacular showing from Hollywood lately, there are already some pretty awesome movies out there, each with a special dose of The Sexy and The Hot and The Heavy, just waiting to be enjoyed. One of our favorites is Secretary with James Spader and…