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sqweel go review
Sex Toys Reviews

The Sqweel Go Review 

It looks like a bunch of cat tongues but smoother. That text message from my husband flashed across my phone as I packed up my desk, getting ready to head home from work. I picked up the phone, unlocked it and read the message again….

laid c1 review
Sex Toys Reviews

Laid C1 Vibrator Review 

There are probably not a lot of people that can say that but there it is. I have a bin of sex toys. Some of the toys in there are awesome and some are failures. Some took my breath away and some left me wanting…

je joue g-ki review
Sex Toys Reviews

Je Joue G-Ki Review 

It’s… Gumby for your G-spot! Even if you’ve never had (or given) an orgasm because of it – even if you’ve never even found yours (or your partner’s) – hopefully you all should have at least heard of the G-spot. If you haven’t, please google…

magic wand original review
Sex Toys Reviews

Magic Wand Original Review 

Have you ever walked into a sex toy store, looked at a product and thought either, “What the hell is this?” or, “I really don’t want my kids stumbling on this while I’m out.” Well, there’s really no reason to spend upwards of $150 on…

we-vibe 4 plus review
Sex Toys Reviews

We-Vibe 4 Plus Review 

By now, the We-Vibe has become a household name. These cool little vibrators combine a powerful clit stimulator with an insertable side meant to stimulate the g-spot. Great for solo play, or as it’s designed, partnered pleasure. I had used and loved an early We-Vibe…