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how to use a vibrator

How to Use a Vibrator

What’s so hard about using a vibrator? Nothing, except, if you’re lucky, some body parts. But I’ve found some ways to play that can make for a very memorable pilgrimage to Pleasantville. As with any purchase, be sure you got all the parts you paid…

history of sex toys

A Little History Of Sex Toys

I’ll never look at olive oil the same way again. Used to be, it was what it was … a healthful, diverse product squeezed from the delicious olive to enhance our food and keep our garlic from sticking to the pan. Diverse indeed. In researching…

reasons why you should have an orgasm

Ten Reasons Why You Should Have An Orgasm

So good. So powerful. The intensity of an orgasm can be so acute that right in midstream we might for a fleeting moment wonder if our body will be able to take it. “Will my head pop off? Will my heart explode? I’m willing to…

wild orchid vibrator review
Sex Toys Reviews

Evolved Wild Orchid Vibrator Review

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of the rabbit-style vibes. They’ve always felt bulky, bottom heavy, noisy, and a little awkward. So when I unwrapped this toy I was more than a little skeptical. The Wild Orchid by Evolved is an insertable…

stronic zwei review
Sex Toys Reviews

Stronic Zwei Pulsator Review

My first impression when I removed this toy for its box was wow! And then I giggled as I read the warning on the box, “May interfere with pacemakers” and that’s when I knew I was in for a really good time with Fun Factory’s…

je joue sasi review
Sex Toys Reviews

Je Joue SaSi Vibrator Review

I have to tell you Toy with Mes that I am a girl who likes her foreplay and a little lickety of the split, if you know what I mean. In fact, without those appetizers to help get my juices flowing, I don’t really get…